How to Paint – Tip 1 – Mixing Burnt Sienna

How to Paint – Tip 1 – Mixing Burnt Sienna

What happens when you don’t have the colour you want for your painting? As previously mentioned , primary colours can be used to create other colours.  So today we are going to learn how to paint with our own uniquely  created burnt sienna. Burnt sienna by combining secondary colour orange with blue. I decided that I would try out a few different blues today to see which one I liked best. Learning how to paint is often about trial and error.

How to paint - create your own unnique paint shades
Tip 1 – Mixing Burnt Sienna


  1. Combine equal amount of red (magenta) and lemon yellow to create orange
  2. Divide these into 3 portions(if you want to try out the different blues)  and only add a tiny amount(tip the edge of your brush into paint)  of blue to it. It will start turning into a muddy green colour.
  3. Add a bit of red to it again
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are happy with the colour .
  5. I preferred the colour created with ultramarine blue. Burnt sienna is warm colour and so is ultramarine which seems to help. I found the other blues were too brown or flat. But depending upon what you want to paint you may have a preference for one or the other. Also bare in mind the shop bought burnt sienna can vary between suppliers. So all the more reason to create your own!!!

Learning to mix watercolors is a key skill in building a platform for watercolor painting. Thankfully, it is quite an easy and fun process. This is especially so if you have all the correct supplies and are set up properly. We endeavour to guide you through the process involved so that you can mix watercolors simply and with ease. Why not take a look at our Art Class Courses for more details on how you can become the artist you’ve always wanted to be.


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