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Seasons Art Class - Course

Seasons Art Class Dublin Foundation Course is taught once a week over 13 weeks 

Beginners  follow the foundation course where we introduce students to 4 different art media: Pencil Drawing & Sketching, Oil Pastels, Watercolours and Acrylics in a step by step manner.  This course introduces student to many medium techniques e.g. how to get perspective into your paintings or how to apply wet n wet technique in watercolours. You will have the opportunity to practice (under the guidance of the tutors) all these techniques during the class. We also adapt lessons to suit different student skill levels. By the end of the 12 weeks, students will have created a minimum of 12 pieces of art. We will then  teach the students how to mount their paintings for display purposes.

Returners will follow the same format but will be presented with more challenging projects while furthering their skills in the different mediums.

Finally an art exhibition is held where students can bring family and friends. This is a splendid and most enjoyable day as students are able to show off their masterpieces and enjoy seeing their class mates finished pieces as well. If you would like more information on each module, please check course modules below.

Paint Materials are provided as part of the venue course fee. You will have opportunity to buy art materials at discounted price so you can practise at home once you become a student.

Our continuous work behind the scenes ensures no course is the same, which is probably why our classes are often booked weeks in advance by students who want to return and learn further. 

Course Modules

Module 1


This first 3 week module gives you some interesting projects and provides the foundation for the rest of the course. We will cover the basic elements of picture construction, where you will learn the importance of perspective, shading and depth, enlarging, figurative and human facial drawing. This is a great way to start your creative learning.

Module 2

Pastels (Oils/Soft)

This is a very exciting module, where we start to introduce colour – from brilliant greens to warm oranges and reds! We will show you how colours are mixed on the paper, and how overlaying and blending various colours, help to create texture and a deep mix of colours that create a very distinct piece of art.

Module 3


A very popular medium and easy to use once you know how. By the end of this module you will have learned all about the colour wheel, mixing, brush strokes and wash techniques and create 2 or 3 paintings to be proud of. Our fantastic tutors will show you the importance of paper preparation and stretching, and how to mix different pigments on your palette, to create the perfect tonal harmonies.

Module 4

painting, art, landscape

Acrylic Painting

By far most popular medium due to its versatility and ability to create many different styles of art. The richness in colour when applied with both brushes and a palette knife is a sight to be seen, with pupils often choosing this type of medium to work with permanently in the future. Our attentive tuition allows you skill levels to increase significantly during this module.

Module 5

Mounting Artwork

During this class, you will learn how to create a mount using different colour sugar paper to proudly display all your pieces of artwork created during the course. These mounts will also preserve and protect your artwork.

Module 6


Our end of Seasons Art exhibition is an opportunity to show your family and friends what you have been up to for the last three and a half months in your Art class. Bringing art together into exhibits enables all students to experience their works, together in communities, to respond, talk, enjoy and connect. Its a fun way to end the course and a memory you will cherish.