How long does the course last?

The Seasons Art course runs over a period of 13/14 weeks. The classes are run for 3 hours.  Other courses offered may have a different time frame

Does the class suit beginners?

Our courses cater for both beginners and improvers. Each class caters for both skill levels. Improvers are introduced to new material and new challenges

Is there parking available?

This depends upon the location.  All our locations provide free on-site parking where there are ample spaces. 

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, we limit the number of attendees for the classroom course to ensure our students get ample attention. Your spot can only be confirmed by making a booking with an instalment or full price. (non – refundable) 

Can I pay weekly or drop in?

This is not a pay as you go class. It is a comprehensive course and requires attendance at all classes as materials covered in earlier classes are required later in the course.  Demand is high for these courses. 

What if I miss a class?

Our classes are structured in a way that you will be able to catch up with the help of our tutors. We now record our demos and we can give you access to the demo.  You will also get handouts and any other materials required for the particular class.

How do I book my spot?

You can either, book via Book Beginner course,  call  01- 2989596 or fill out the contact form.  

Can I attend the class if I want to improve my skills?

Yes, if you have already attended our foundation level course, you will be doing projects where you are learning new skills , providing new challenges and and suited to your level.  Most attendees have continued with further courses with us as there is new material covered each term. We even have some students who have been with us from when we opened in 2017. 

Can you tell me about buying art materials?

As part of the course , all materials with exception of paper is provided. However If you wish to practise more at home, there will be relevant products you can purchase for each of the mediums dependent upon availability

Are these classes suited to recently retired person?

Yes, absolutely. A lot of our students have retired and are looking for a creative and mindful interest. So anyone from the age of 18 to 90+ can attend. Our students really love the social aspect of the classes and are mixing with others with the same creative spirit!

Is the Course refundable?

Once you have enrolled and made your booking and payment you are deemed to have a contract with Class Art / Seasons Art Class – Dublin. It is vital that students should consider both their availability and commitments carefully at the time of booking.  Bookings are on a first come , first served basis and we potentially could be turning away students. Please check Terms and Conditions for further details on cancellation criteria.