Week 8 - Watercolours -

“After a thousand watercolours, you will find you have fallen in love with paper and paint.” - Rex Brandt

Materials Required – Returners

Watercolour paper ,  paints – 3 primary colours, cerulean blue, magenta , Masking Fluid, Brushes : round – medium & small, Square flat – med & small 

Step by step Images

Visual Aids

Printing Instructions This week the image needs to be printed in reverse. Everyone already have a sample image above printed in reverse on cartridge paper that I sent to you and you can use this for class. But if you want to use any of images below, you will need to find this reverse setting in your printer properties.  For example, I use an epson printer and I go into printer preferences , more options and tick mirror image.  It will vary depending upon printer you are using.