Watercolours – Spring 2022 – Week 1



This is the first week of creating paintings using watercolour.  The beginners  learnt about the different brush types and how to mix their paints. Now is the time to use plenty of water.  We thought them to create different colours from the primary colours. They also learnt some different techniques. Finally, they created a monochrome landscape scene. Here, they really got to practise using their washes and  applying different techniques to create these wonderful images. They even used some candle wax and coins!!!


Returners had an afternoon tea party  (both eating and painting!!) .  They drew out their tables and shapes for various cakes using drawing techniques they would have learnt in previous course or classes. Once there were satisfied with their drawings and perspectives, they applied the paints. They  got to use their primary, secondary and teritrary colours by using the mixing colour theory that they had learnt in their original beginner class.  Different brush sizes and types were used to paint in their cakes, buns, cake slices and even drips on the slices depending upon the image they picked from our visual aids. Some picked to paint a whole table of sweet goodies! Others painted individual cakes. This project required alot of attention to detail.  There were wonderful results and happy bellies!!


Next week, we will move to the countryside to paint some cottages

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