Spring 2022 – Acrylics – Week 3

Students continued to paint with acrylics. Some students brought in their own jars to paint from still life. Observation of lights and different colours bouncing off the glass or lid were key to achieving the desired effects.  These different tonal values of colours were also used to portray  the variation of jam colours in the jars  Shadows were used to ground the jars.  A very steady hand was required for painting the lettering on the jars or labels. Fine liner was used as well instead if hand was not steady enough.  One of the below paintings has 12 bees. But which one? Can you find them all?


Next week will be our last week of acrylic painting.  We are going to find some city hotel fronts to paint. Now where is this?

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel where we have our art classes!!! Some days we sit outside on the front terrace in the beautiful gardens to have our cappucino, latte, hot chocolate or whatever takes your fancy.

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