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Art Materials

When you attend one of our painting classes, you will find that the art materials you need in class are laid out, ready for you to use, and are included within the course fee. We see however, that most students want to practise and continue what they have learnt in the painting classes at home. 

To help you do this, all the materials we use in the painting classes Killiney are available for you to purchase at heavily discounted prices.eg paper pack = €29.99 (RRP €50.00) Far cheaper than you would pay normally within art stores. Importantly they are exactly the same products you have been using in your lessons, you won’t find any colour variations that might spoil your finished artwork.

Items we typically stock in the classroom include:

  • A4 spiral-bound sketchbooks + A selection of drawing pencils, charcoal and erasers
  • Boxes of oil pastels
  • Watercolour sets + Acrylic sets
  • Round and flat hogs hair and synthetic paint brushes + Palette knives
  • Disposable tear-off and reusable 8-well paint palettes + Colour wheels

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