What watercolour paper do I choose

Watercolour Paper : what do I choose?   Watercolour Paper is the most important thing to get right for your paintings.   Paper quality can vary so much and the price will reflect this. Watercolour paper in your local store tend to be made of cheap materials. As they do not specialise in art materials, they art

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Learn to paint watercolours for beginners

Watercolours for Beginners – Introduction Learning to paint with watercolours for beginners. Painting with watercolor paint is endlessly rewarding. It has a very playful nature. Pigment and water often do what they like. They blend together to produce gorgeous patterns of color. Watercolor paint is transparent. Watercolours is all about using lots of water and little

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Painting With Acrylics – Getting Started

As you enter an art store, you are met with an array of paints, brushes, pads, canvases, mediums etc.  For a beginner this can be overwhelming.  We will break down what are the basics that you need to get started with in your artistic journey

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